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I found this whole ordeal ininrestteg too. I thought Chipotle was taking a very formal approach to dealing with the situation, but if you look at their Facebook wall, 99% of the posts were just people joking around about Chipotle putting cats in the food. That's not even what sparked the initial hysteric it was a Chipotle manager saying she had ran over a cat. I think Chipotle should just chill out because who actually thinks they cook cats into the burritos? If anything, people want that manager fired for saying Chipotle customers are stupid. People were mostly just joking around; I was laughing really hard, reading people's posts because they were just playing up the hype and making really funny jokes about it! Calm down, Chipotle. Above all, this is just showing the majority of their customers are relaxed, funny, normal people.

pa4imu site mutts.it nerabotait uje 2 den?

Ебу тебя в дышло +1

dai server please


А ты немогбы дать сервер?

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